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In these times of questioning and great transformations, you are one of the growing number of people who sincerely question themselves about: what is the meaning of my existence? How can I find my place in this world to accomplish my mission? What are the keys to touching and living my true nature is wholeness and joy?

A real inner call resonates in you ...


The realization of your Self becomes an essential priority whether you are at the dawn or in the middle of your evolutionary path.


It is in this sense that we have structured this innovative training, powerful and deep.

We are committed to supporting you in the process of your awakening, the awakening of your being & of the therapist who is dormant in you or who needs to find a new accomplishment.

Our students, who have experienced real rebirths both in their physical bodies and in the awakening of their consciousness have experienced this training for several years with success.


This training supports a new generation of therapists who wish to open up to their true nature. It allows us to accompany in conscience and not from personality. This awakening process allows you to deeply embody awareness to an awakened state and to transmit healing from this level of realization.


In this awareness, we are committed to supporting you towards a real renaissance. In the integration of your spiritual dimension and the expression of your potentials, you will be able to go towards the realization of your Life mission (guarantor of your happiness and your fulfillment).

You will be bathed in a magnificent group egregore in co-creation.

Love is always at the center of the evolution process because it is the key and also because we know how much our awakening thus participates in the elevation of consciousness on Earth.


We are happy to provide you with a rich and complete training that meets your needs and desires for development. It is organized around several axes:


  • Initiatory teaching: it comes to touch both your consciousness and your cells. In this framework, we also approach the biochemistry of awakening through epigenetics, neuroscience, and quantum physics.

  • Vibratory transmissions: they prepare your subtle bodies & your physical body, your nervous and immune system, your biological functions, to receive the new frequencies of awakening and the vibrations that descend on earth.

  • Explorations & concrete experiments: they allow, through numerous exercises and practices, to integrate through experience and into the body what has been initiated in consciousness.

  • Group synergy: throughout the training, real cohesion and mastery of group energies is established and plays a major role in supporting you in the awakening process.

  • Energy therapy & healing techniques: understanding of the diagnosis, transmission of healing from the therapist's awakened consciousness, activation of the radiance of the soul, magnetism of the heart & hands, in the therapeutic protocol.

  • Powerful & proven tools: sound, voice, spiritual practices & protocols, rituals, and initiations, systemic therapy through constellations of souls, coaching (mission & materialization), conscious movements such as spontaneous qi gong or gentle yoga and therapeutic techniques.




Bruno Martinez & Sandrine Chenevas






MODULES   :   4 online days + 1 week face- to- face at Domaine du Taillé

SESSION : 4 sessions of 2 hours online, alternated with the days

VIDEOS      : 8 videos of 45 minutes, practices & exercises towards unified consciousness